• Coverage Area:
    • Our warranty applies to machines purchased within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), ON, Quebec and Surrey, BC.
  • Duration:
    • Enjoy a 6-month manufacturing warranty on all machine models purchased through admin@nitan.ca or WhatsApp +1 (514) 999-7212.
  • What's Covered:
    • The warranty covers defects in materials and parts inside the machine (excluding the external body).
  • Post-Service Warranty:
    • After the initial 6 months, warranty coverage applies only to parts replaced during repair.
  • After Sales Services:
    • We offer after-sales services across other provinces in Canada through video calls and an exclusive online machine parts shop for Nitan’s Chai machine models.
  • Shipping Details:
    • We use FedEx for shipping across Canada, with express delivery options available.
  • Costs:
    • For after-warranty services, parts, and labor, additional charges include machine parts and transportation costs from our location at 10 Thornmount Dr, Toronto, M1B 3J4.
  • Unauthorized Access:
    • An additional charge of 15% will be applied for parts opened by unauthorized persons.
  • Exclusions:
    • The warranty does not cover issues arising from accidental damage, negligence, power surge, water or fire damage, improper ventilation, pests, misuse, or any cause beyond the control of our service team and company.

This warranty information is designed to be straightforward and transparent. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.