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3 Flavour Chai Machine

3 Flavour Chai Machine

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Experience an unrivaled journey into the world of authentic chai and coffee, effortlessly delivered to you in seconds. Say goodbye to the time-consuming rituals of traditional stove-top brewing and embrace the future with our cutting-edge machine.

Indulge in the ultimate convenience as you brew from not one, not two, but three distinct flavor canisters simultaneously. Elevate your taste buds with a symphony of flavors, carefully curated to perfection.

Witness the transformation of your space with our compact marvel, a minimalistic addition that maximizes efficiency without compromising on taste. Revolutionize your business and redefine convenience with our unparalleled chai and coffee dispenser.


Dimensions (HxWxD)

650x280x470 mm


59 lbs approx

Boiler capacity

1.75 lbs

Canister capacity

2.2 lbs

Number of canisters


Dispensing rate

5 cups/minute approx.

Water supply

Water pump or direct supply

Beverage variant

3 flavor settings

Hot water dispensing



Keypad, Direct select

Initial startup time

8 minutes approximate

Rinse available


Local Warranty

6 months

Power supported


CE Certified

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Benefits Of the Instant Chai Machine

  • Mess-Free Brewing: Experience chai-making without spills, ensuring a clean and hassle-free process.

  • Space-Efficient Design: Fits seamlessly on countertops without adding bulk, making it a versatile addition to any space.

  • Semi-Automatic Operation: Enjoy the perfect balance between automation and control for a tailored chai-making experience.

  • DIY-Friendly: Easily fix any issues with a do-it-yourself approach, thanks to replaceable parts that simplify maintenance.

  • Revenue Booster: Transform chai-making into a revenue-generating asset for your business, providing a unique and enticing offering for your customers.

Using Our Chai Machines Is A Breeze:

Water & Power

Connect to a water supply (direct or water pump) and a 120VAC output.

Choose A Flavor

Once the machine is powered on, open the premix packet and pour it into a canister.


Simply press the button, and savor your favorite cup of chai.

Features Of Our Instant Chai Machine

Super Simple To Operate – Automatic chai machines dispense at the touch of a button.

Saves Money – Because the machine controls how much product is dispensed per cup it enables companies to reduce their spending on these items.

Speed – The chai tea machine is super quick and dispenses a drink in less than 10 seconds. This dispensing time includes the time to mix the ingredients inside the machine.

Water Tank Size – The chai tea machines can hold a large amount of water. Water bottles with a 16-20 litre water tank can be plumbed into the water mains.

Large Capacity – The chai tea machine is designed for large usage and has a storage capacity of 150 cups between fills. The chai tea machine has a capacity of 240 cups per hour.

Powdered Milk – The powdered milk used is 100% fat-free which makes it froth very well.

What Sets Us Apart

Low Cost

200ml - approx 40 Cents/Cup

Adjust Flavour Strength

Flavour strength can be adjusted as required.

Delivery & Installation

Low cost maintenance, delivery, and installation cost.

Serve Multiple Flavours

Multi-Lane tea/coffee vending machines with multiple flavours.

Lower Business Expenses

Save on labor, no tea bags, no fresh milk required, just add sugar.

No Plumbing Required

No need for plumbing installation. Just an electric point is sufficient.

Local Warranty

Repair or replacement. 6 month warranty for vending machines.

Quick Machine

Can serve 4 cups per minute. No compromise on flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there enough customer demand for chai?

Yes, Chai is a growing trend in the food industry, attracting new customers.

Will the chai machine take up too much space in our restaurant?

The chai machine is compact, maximizing efficiency in small spaces.

Will our staff need additional training to operate the machine?

Not really, it's fairly intuitive. However, comprehensive training is provided to ensure a smooth machine operation.

What if the machine malfunctions during peak hours?

The machine is tested and reliable, minimizing the risk of malfunction.  However if you find yourself with a malfunction, please contact us. All inquiries go directly to our customer care team.

How much additional cleaning is required for the machine?

The cleaning process is straightforward and easy to implement. There are 6 steps to follow to keep the machine clean.

Can we customize the flavor of the chai to suit customers?

We offer a variety of chai flavors to appeal to a wide range of customers. You can adjust the intensity of the flavors based on your customers desires.

Will the staff be comfortable using unfamiliar technology?

The machine is user-friendly; staff can quickly adapt to it.

How long is the machine's lifespan?

The machine is expected to run at least 3 years

Are there additional costs for electricity and repairs?

Costs associated with electricity are minimal. Repairs on average cost $150-200 CAD.